Holy first blog post, Batman!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Soggz Blogs, a blog for nerds written by a nerd. My name is Sagar Kamnani, and I’ve started this page because one of my favorite things to do is to talk about geeky things. Admittedly it was tough to write throughout college, but I took some time off and here I am ready to bring you opinions and thoughts about movies, TV, video games, etc.

A little bit about me: When I was younger, I wasn’t exactly the best at making friends. To a lonely kid, the best company was coming home right after school to watch what shenanigans my favorite characters were getting up to that day. Batman Beyond, Digimon, Pokemon, Spongebob, etc. was all I really had to help me understand the world. Fast forward through my adolescence and to my 18th birthday, and superhero stories were still my escape. I finally read my first comic book (The Killing Joke, in case you were wondering) and drowned myself in more hero stories to help me adjust to my first year in college. Another fast forward to 21, and the best part of my year was attending the red-carpet premier of “Captain America: Civil War” thanks to a friend of mine who thought of inviting me. My love of these things comes from a very real place, nerd culture is a huge part of my own personal story, and has helped me through the toughest of times!

On this blog, you can mostly expect reviews. Occasionally, I’ll also do opinion posts and “what if” story edits of already released content. I greatly appreciate support of any kind, and I guess we’ll see how far this goes!

That’s all for now,
Soggz Out!

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