In a world where nerds everywhere complain about the lack of originality in Hollywood, constant reboots, and formulaic content…one lone asshole from Los Angeles will revitalize his old blog, and a million neckbeards will once again prepare an onslaught of “well, actually…” comments. That’s right baby, it’s the return of Soggz-Blogs.

If you aren’t familiar with this already, I started this passion project in the summer of 2016. I was an unemployed and scared kid, understandably so due to having a degree in business/finance…and wanting to work in film & television. The cards wouldn’t really fall into place until September of that year for me, and even then I still lived in my parent’s house and commuted two hours to work every morning just to start my career. So to give myself something to do that fed into my love for pop-culture and nerd-culture, to share my thoughts, and to hopefully spark discussion, I started this blog.

I started out mostly writing spoiler-free reviews of movies, and maybe some observational pieces every now and then. Honestly though, five years later, all I can think now is “who wants to read that boring bullshit?” 

Maybe you do, but the more important thing is that I don’t wanna write that stuff anymore. Out of the 40+ posts I wrote since the inception of this blog, I only kept around 10 when I started this revamp. These were the ones I felt the most proud of, and they were all bigger tasks like exploring why a box-office bomb was as bad as it was, coming up with my own theories on a huge moment for a character I adore, or deep-diving into Shakespeare for the purpose of expressing my distaste for live-action Disney reboots

The point is: The more I strayed away from simple “I watched this movie and thought blah blah blah, seven out of ten” and more I went into silly ideas like “What if I compared every Democratic Presidential Candidate to an MCU Villain”, I felt myself grow as a writer…and more importantly I started having some real fun with this.

In my retirement from writing and with the “joys” of the COVID-19 Pandemic, I felt like I was getting too much “input” when it comes to content, but I wasn’t getting enough “output”. I love all my friends and all the various group-chats I have with them, and I know they love me too…but I don’t think any of them appreciated me waking them up at 4am to get their opinions on the evidence I have that Yzma and Kronk from The Emperor’s New Grove were definitely banging. Well, now I have my blog back, so I have a place to be as unapologetically “me” as I want.

I think that’s everything…I’m writing this over the “retirement” message I posted back in 2019, and I’m going to keep these last two paragraphs I wrote back then to remind you, and myself, of where my head has always been with this kind of stuff.

One thing that’ll never change, however, and the last thing I’ll leave you with…never apologize for what tugs at your heartstrings. Even if the most famous critic is trying to tell you that a movie/album/show you like is a waste of time, if the art did something for you then that belongs to you. We as people tend to want a “right” answer often. Not to say that objectivity is wrong when facts are staring you the face…but that’s the thing with art, there’s something out there for everyone to value and cherish, and art that isn’t actively harming society shouldn’t be taken away from anyone.

Creating, inspiring, and appreciating art is what makes us better people. I’ve had a blast writing about art, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading.

I know I’m about to have fun going off. If you’re into this kind of vibe, you’re going to have fun as well.

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