The Rating System

Soggz Blogs uses a simple “out of 10” scale when it comes to rating content. However, to further emphasize what each rating really means, here is some detail and how I’d personally be feeling about something. This also helps me streamline and keep ratings consistent:

10 – One of the best movies I’ve seen. Everything worked perfectly and my life is changed for the better.

9 – Really good, I would buy the Blu-Ray!

8 – Good, go see it in theaters!

7 – Not bad, but noticed some things that could’ve worked better. Your average fun at the movies.

6 – Not bad, but not good either. Poor choices made in either direction or writing, pretty “run of the mill”.

5 – Well it didn’t offend me, but oh dear.

4 – Actually managed to piss me off.

1 to 3 – Various levels of “Do not give any money to this pile of garbage, everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves”.

Last updated on June 2017