As of me writing this (June 2017), it has been a year since I  got the idea to start Soggz Blogs and I thought I’d update everyone on the vision and what exactly I do here.

Soggz Blogs initially started off as a fun project for me to share opinions about nerdy things (comics, video games, movies, etc). At the time, I was unemployed and didn’t really know what I wanted out of life…the best example being that I decided I wanted to do something with film a month before I was set to receive a degree in finance.

As things slowly started working out for me, I began to realize that there is nothing I enjoy more than seeing a movie and talking about how it made me feel. I remembered how much I used to love theaters and movies as a kid, I started going more often, and a certain joy was rediscovered for me. While I was lucky enough to get a day job I love, movie reviews and discussion is my creative passion and a really fun side-project!

Soggz Blogs is a place where literally anyone can understand what worked for me in a movie and what didn’t. I use simple language and writing to get my points across, especially because I wasn’t ever properly trained in film studies or writing. Hell, English is actually my 2nd language. I don’t really mind, however, because I think no one has a patent on being a movie lover and I hope to reach a wider range of people by just being a normal, nerdy guy and reflecting that in my posts. If I can get even one person to a theater for a movie that they weren’t planning on seeing, and that person has a fun time with it, I’d be over the moon.

My specialty is still sci-fi and comic book movies, but I’m making it a point to watch other things as well.

I’d appreciate any followers, shares of my reviews, publicity, and I’m even open to collaboration! Here are examples of the posts I publish:

  • Movie Review – duh
  • Hyped for _______ – Where I review/give my thoughts on related content in preparation for something new
  • Throwback – The good kind of nostalgia
  • What Were They Thinking? – The bad kind of nostalgia
  • TV Review – happens on occasion
  • Thoughts – Discussion of trailers, news, etc.
  • The Annual Soggz Blogscars – My personal picks for the Oscars after watching every film nominated for “Best Picture”
  • Guest Post – I bring a friend over to nerd out with me
  • Soggz Plays – sometimes I like video games too